RCP storm run above Horse Head Bay, diverted a creek without pumping or blocking flow

Garage Demolition Started at 11AM Second Photo is Noon

Foundation Excavation Port Orchard

Replacement of old problematic concrete side sewer at .5% replaced with pvc at .7% Customers had to have the old line jetted 4 times in one year, that adds up to nearly half of the replacement cost.

Clearing Mulch and Brush


a typical 6" side sewer service in good working order. Also, typical tree roots that grow into the joins ruining the pipe.

excavating for new 4" PVC Service

foundation improperly decommissioned septic tank while excavating for new service

Excavating for new 4" PVC Sewer Service in Milton, WA

Excavate For Planter Beds

Georgetown Seattle Row House, Side Sewer, and Storm

Grade For Above Ground Pool