Get septic tank installation services in Puyallup, Federal Way & Tacoma, WA

Septic tanks are a popular waste management system for homes in the Puyallup, Federal Way & Tacoma, WA area. If you want to add a new septic tank to your property, turn to KSR Excavating, LLC for help. We offer a variety of septic services, including septic tank installation. You can trust our septic system installation experts to take on your project with the utmost care.

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Why choose a septic tank?

Not sure if a septic tank is right for your property? You should consider getting a septic tank if:

  • You live in a rural area that lacks connection to city sewage lines
  • You want an eco-friendly septic system
  • You want an affordable septic system
Septic tanks typically use less water and energy to run than the pumps and pipes connecting homes to city sewage systems. This makes septic tanks the more cost-effective, environmentally friendly options.

To get started on your septic tank installation work, reach out to KSR Excavating today. You can schedule an appointment at your convenience.