Find out what our excavation company in Puyallup, Federal Way & Tacoma, WA can do for you

If you're starting a major construction or maintenance project at your home, you'll most likely need an excavation contractor to help. That's where KSR Excavating, LLC comes in. As a dedicated residential excavation company, KSR Excavating has the equipment and experience needed to excavate your land properly.

Call 253-250-9932 now to find out more about our residential excavation services. Whether you're revamping your drainage system or building a house from scratch, you can depend on our local excavator to do the job right.

Excavation isn't a DIY project

When it comes to excavation work, you should never try to handle it yourself. You need a trained and highly skilled team to take on your project, especially if it involves new home construction. Without a professional excavation company, you run the risk of:

  • Injuring yourself or others with hazardous chemicals, electrical currents or falling objects
  • Damaging underground systems, such as sewer lines, water lines or electrical lines
  • Disrupting surrounding structures, such as garages or neighboring homes
Contact KSR Excavating today to hire a reputable excavation company for your project. You can speak with an excavation contractor in Puyallup, Federal Way & Tacoma, WA at your convenience.