KSR Excavating offers residential and commercial services in Puyallup, Federal Way & Tacoma, WA

Do you need an excavating contractor in Puyallup, Washington? KSR Excavating, LLC provides top-quality excavation services for residential and commercial properties in the area. Whether you're building a new home or starting a new business, you can depend on us as your local excavator.

In addition to our excavation services, we can run water lines, power lines, gas lines and communication lines. We also provide drainage and downspout installation services.

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Trust a professional with your excavation services

Every new build requires an excavating contractor. You should never attempt to tackle these projects on your own. Without the proper experience and equipment, you run the risk of:

  • Injuring yourself or others with hazardous chemicals, electrical currents or falling objects
  • Damaging underground systems, such as sewer lines, water lines or electrical lines
  • Disrupting surrounding structures, such as garages or neighboring homes

You can rely on KSR Excavating for all of your excavation services in Puyallup, Federal Way & Tacoma, WA. Schedule services with a local excavator today by calling 253-250-9932.